The continuing journey of fulfilling the promises made on July 4, 1776...


VICTORIA MEDINA - Author, Speaker & Photographic Artist

Through the visual beauty of photographic art and the eloquence of poetry and famous quotes, "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise" celebrates the oath passed down to us through the Charters of Freedom - The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It inspires us to remember that the United States is not left or right, religious or secular, it is not male or female, nor is it one race over another. The UNITED States of America is rather a country with a mission, an aspiration to live up to that contract with humanity written over two hundred years ago. Each generation is first the heir apparent and then ultimately becomes the passer of the torch to the next, so with each generation we get one step closer to a "more perfect union." It is our contract, it is in our hands, we are the people of the United States of America.


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Few artists have the talent to create both visual images and words that combine to lift the spirit, but your impressive photographic art book One Nation, One Mission, One Promise has done just that.  Your unique visual images combined with insightful poetry and prose inspires everyone to look at our history with fresh eyes.

Geoffrey R. Berwind, Artistic Director, Historic Philadelphia, Inc.

One Nation, One Mission, One Promise by Victoria Medina is an artistic achievement.  Victoria has created gorgeous photographic images and blends her visual communication with eloquent poetry and prose.   The book is a true work of art.

Steve Harrison, Co-founder, Million Dollar Author Club and publisher of Radio-TV Interview Report

Lovingly created by a gifted photographer and writer, Medina’s beautiful tribute to our founding documents should be on every American’s coffee table.   Order a copy for every person on your gift list this year.

Dorothy May Mercer, Author of “Stories I Haven’t Told” & “Leon and Esther”

The images in this series are amazing.  They are incredibly beautiful, but more, they inspire a sense of appreciation for the journey this country has taken, and is still taking.  The thing I also really liked is that it isn’t a trite, patriotic, flag-waving exercise, but a deep look into the ideals, dreams, and realities of a nation.

David Rosenhaus, Author of 'You to the 10th Power'

I really enjoyed this book.  Simply said, “It’s a re-awakening of American ideals.”  Right now we need a re-awakening, to remind us of who we are as Americans, and what those promises that were made on July 4th, 1776 meant.  The colorful images take you through the seasons, and the beauty of this country.  The symbolism of freedom in the use of the flag is brilliant.  All this, set against the preamble to the constitution, and Ms. Medina’s poetry, is truly amazing.  It’s truly an experience.

Florence Regina, Founder & President, Soleil Films

When I read Victoria Medina’s new book “One Nation, One Mission, One Promise“, two words came clearly to my mind: “united” and “inspirational”.  Victoria’s poetry of words and photographs, beautifully reminds all of us of what inspired our ancestors to create our Constitution; the document which united us into our great nation. Victoria’s book further taps into what united the numerous peoples, despite our many differences: the inspirational ideals of freedom and liberty.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who has served our great land, and those who have taken for granted the freedoms they enjoy today.

Ben Abba, Author of the “Secrets of an Immortal” book series