This journey celebrates the stories of America’s diverse unsung Heroines and Heroes who built this country’s foundation and created a better way of life, including social and financial freedoms that were unthinkable two centuries ago.

One Nation, One Mission, One Promise incorporates historical stories and interweaves them with the stories of today.  The past and the present magically meet and inspire everyone to positively add to the future.


VICTORIA MEDINA / Playwright, Author & Photographic Artist

Victoria has been invited to participate in The Players Theatre Artist In Residence Program For over twenty years she has dedicated her life to her three passions: photography, writing and performing.  This theatrical journey, One Nation, One Mission, One Promise, represents the climactic 3rd stage of this project which includes all three disciplines along with speaking engagements.  She is so excited to see her trifecta of photos, writing and theater come to full fruition!

It began life as the photographic art exhibit, American Spirit, and was then developed into an Amazon best-selling book entitled One Nation, One Mission, One Promise, featuring exhibit images alongside her original poetry and prose plus quotes from famous and not-so famous Americans.  Images from the American Spirit exhibit were also featured in the debut stage production of the award-winning show, Zuccotti Park – The Musical.




115 MacDougal St.
New York, NY 10012

The Players Theatre has been a jewel in the midst of beautiful Greenwich Village, serving as a magnet for performing artists and their audiences since the 1950s.  This iconic Off-Broadway theater was purchased by Michael Sgouros in 2006 and has since flourished with a multitude of productions, including some of Michael's own in collaboration with his partner Brenda Bell.

Michael Sgouros and The Players Theatre have also been championing artists for many years, and have developed The Players Theatre Musical Theater Program to support and nurture new writers and producers in realizing their vision.

Few artists have the talent to create both visual images and words that combine to lift the spirit, but…  One Nation, One Mission, One Promise has done just that.  Your unique visual images combined with insightful poetry and prose inspires everyone to look at our history with fresh eyes.


Moments connect and weave... form the history of a person, family, community, neighborhood, state and country.  There are many moments in time that move people apart and many that bring them together.  In this time of too many divisive moments, One Nation, One Mission, One Promise weaves together the moments that make us stronger, the moments that make us collectively greater together.

It is a story often told in history books, but Victoria Medina tells the story as a homecoming that includes every American, the unsung heroes and heroines from all walks of life who have contributed to this great country.

There are three documents that unite us all: The Charters of Freedom: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The first document freed a nation and became its promise, the second document gave it a foundation and became its mission, and the third document united its people with rights that aspired to honor every person born to its land.

Victoria Medina
One Nation, One Mission, One Promise

This homecoming... a journey that brings to life the stories that made a great nation become the North Star to the world.   One Nation, One Mission, One Promise, the theatrical journey, blends conventional theater with multi-media and the arts to wed the United States of America’s past to a unified and hopeful future.